photograph of Joanna Callaghan Drawing in Moreton Wood

I am fine artist, weaver and woodland manager. My work explores and examines the natural environment and our place within it.

I work using wild natural materials such as grasses, barks, clays, beeswax and plant fibres. Engaging with the labour of harvesting and processing the raw natural materials is integral to my work.

There is a constant interplay between the labour involved in art making, managing a woodland and weaving.

Photo of a sculpture made using beeswax and hazel by Joanna

My practice also involves working collaboratively with members of the public and organisations to provide a creative art experience that enhances connection to local ecology and landscape.  I like to work with the process of art making and creative engagement, the emphasis being to explore and experiment.  I run creative workshops in natural environments that celebrate the amazing beauty and variety of our natural world and the myriad wonderful ways we can engage with it.


Photo of a clay sculpture made by Joanna CallaghanMy work has been exhibited at:

Canwood Gallery, Herefordshire

The Museum in the Park, Stroud

Hereford Art Gallery  

Green and Away,  Worcestershire

Ludlow Arts Festival, Shropshire

Clisset Wood, Herefordshire

The Gateway Arts Centre, Shrewsbury

Hatfield University, Hertfordshire

The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury

The Omega Centre, Rheinbeck, New York, USA

Time Square ‘Envision’ Film Festival, New York, USA